Uncovering the motivations and communication needs of your customers, allowing you to better align your marketing, customer service, and other understanding and materials to:

  • increase ROI
  • improve loyalty
  • enhance message resonance
  • build better relationships
  • amplify satisfaction

Why the name? 

Most market research is left-brain dominant, filled with linear logic and statistics.  While we have that in spades, what makes Right Brain Discovery unique is our conscious and regular engagement of our right-brain tendencies too.  

The right side of our brains control creative thinking & that's what we specialize in--innovative research design, execution, & analysis that gets to the heart of: Click Image for Detailed Discussion

  • why customers and employees act the way they do
  • what motivates their behaviors
  • what they need to see your messages through the clutter

We get started by looking closely, magnifying our focus, and as we piece together clues, we solve the mystery of what makes your markets tick, allowing you to:

  • design communication and programs that not only deeply resonate, but get results
  • understand why behavior patterns have emerged so you can react
  • address the true needs and desires of employees and customers
  • base your planning and execution on solid understandings
  • make informed strategic decisions

Want to see how right-brain versus left-brain thinking can change your perceptions?  

Take a look at this simple exercise, then come back and read our analysis of why this type of perceptual shift in those conducting your research transforms the results and depth you'll achieve.