Every good lead detective knows you must rely on the expertise of a diversified team to ensure you look strategically for clues and piece those clues together in the most efficient and impactful manner.  

Lead Detective:

Connie Chesner

Communication Behavior Strategist

MA, Communication

Leading every research mystery that Right Brain Discovery engages with a strong sense of project management and business acumen, Connie establishes a plan to uncover clues using both internal and external sources of expertise and engagement.  

Connie's work has helped clients across category and perspective, from package and product design work with Bic International to work understanding healthcare motivations.  

To give you some context, consider that her insight-driven research design, implementation, and analysis have enabled:

  • CPG manufacturers to launch new product innovations successfully
  • Credit Unions to retain and increase deposits and customer loyalty
  • Healthcare Organizations to understand patient, physician, and staff satisfaction, drivers and psychology
  • Educational Suppliers to engage parent/teacher organizations more effectively
  • Retail Training Programs to enhance employee learning, retention, and enactment
  • B-2-B warehouse distributors to align training and customer service with the needs of their clients
  • healthcare educational departments to increase patient enrollment & attendance in key programs
  • Retirement Planning Advisors to increase open IRA accounts and deposits year-over-year
  • financial institutions to make informed strategic decisions about market expansion and targeting
  • Grocery stores to build and instill loyalty beyond programs and cards
  • Preventative Health Clinics to align patient, physician, staff, and public needs for facility and service enhancement
  • Loyalty programs to understand trends and voice-of-customer perspectives that drive enrollment

Scalable projects cut to the heart of understanding the answers to your toughest questions.  

A bit more about Connie's background:

Over the past 12 years, with clients ranging from Bic International to the US Air Force, healthcare and finance providers, CPG suppliers, and frontline retail employees,  Connie has delivered superior results to a wide variety of audiences.

What makes Connie a prime lead detective is her exceptional ability to design and engage anthropological research methodologies in a quest to uncover critical motivation triggers and cues that drive the psychology of consumer behavior.  She remains active academically, keeping tabs on the latest research and insights from the field and has authored numerous scholarly publications.

Clients find Connie to be detail-oriented and focused, with a drive to design, implement and analyze qualitative and quantitative research that brings real world applicability to her discoveries.  

Her zeal and dedication consistently deliver findings that increase client understanding and ability to take informed actions.  She is also a seasoned media spokesperson and respected expert in networked rumors.

Connie's approach allows her to engage the proper research approach for each challenge a client brings.  And whether she is interviewing, running focus groups, or using observational participation and ethnographic immersion to collect data, her keen sense of discovery allows her to cut to the heart of what truly motivates consumers or employees.


Advisory Team

In addition to our lead detective, we also engage expert advisors on a project-to-project basis to keep our overhead low and to ensure that we align expertise and project needs.  Our advisors make our research more targeted, better designed, and more in-sync with the needs of your category, industry, or challenge.  Most advisors still work full-time in their field of study so their participation in a project is as a guide and insider.  Your lead detectives still have the final say on all design, implementation, and analysis.

Beyond the Research

We believe that a balanced life, filled with nourishment for the body and soul, are important elements in being the best team we can be for you and your project.  To feed these needs, we hike, snorkel, build stainded glass, develop black & White photography and keep active with our family of pets.  Here are a few snapshots of how we spend our time outside of Right Brain Discovery.

Grayson Highlands; Mouth of Wilson, VA 2012

 Chipmunk 2012Estes Park; Rocky Mtn National Park, CO 2012

Blowing Rock, NC Winter 2010Boone Fork Trail Summer 2010Las Vegas April 2010 

Connie at Upper Cascades, Hanging Rock, NC





Connie Taking a Dorsal Tow with Kona the Dolphin




Key Largo Coral Reef Snokeling 2009


Coral Reef Snorkeling 2009

Bur Mill Park Greensboro March 2010 Waterfalls in Nevada April 2010

Custom Pumpkin Carving 2009Dog Mushing; Fairbanks, AK 3/09 Northern Lights, Alaska 2009

Wild Squid, Cancun, Mexico 2011
Cherokee, NC 2012