Over the years, the research minds behind Right Brain Discovery have worked with a variety of clients and industries through both research and speaking projects.  

Here are just a few folks we've worked with, followed by some testimonials of the quality of our work:






















 In their own words:


“Connie knows how to talk with the news media. She responds promptly, communicates in clear terms, and makes her research relevant. While I was in the Wake Forest News Service, she was definitely a go-to on my pitch list!” 

-Sarah Smith, 3.8.2008, Media Relations Officer, Wake Forest University


“Connie Chesner provided a great program for our Professional Women of Winston-Salem. She captured everyone's interest regarding the importance of listening to the customer's story in order to provide better service and to increase business. Her handouts were engaging. I highly recommend Connie as a terrific speaker for any business group.”

-Ana Tampana, 7.6.2010, Representative, Professional Women of Winston-Salem


“Connie is an awesome presenter and speaker. She engages her audience and her knowledge of marketing and communications comes through loud and clear. I highly recommend her as a speaker on any subject having to do with business networking, marketing or any similar subject. She takes the time to match her talk to the audience and do her homework on the chose subject matter.” 

-Bruce Lande, 10.13.2010, Managing Partner, American Business Networks


“I recruited Connie to give a presentation on ethnography for a local event sponsored by the Product Development and Management Association, Carolinas Chapter. I found her extremely knowledgeable on the topic, thorough in preparation, and very easy to work with. A slight technological hitch necessitated some last minute changes in the well-prepared presentation and she responded with absolute focus and professionalism to deliver a great (although slightly changed) presentation. 

Attendees praised her knowledge of the subject matter, her energetic delivery and her sense of humor. I would highly recommend Connie as a speaker to any group looking for an engaging speaker with some great stories.”

-Barbara Arzonico, 6.17.2010, Product Development Management Association


“Connie is a professional who has the best interest of her client foremost in her approach. She is prompt and dependable. Connie's cost for her work is very reasonable. I am pleased to endorse her and would be open to specific inquiries seeking more detail about my positive experience.” 

-David George, 4.27.2010, Triad Senior Planning/Choice Connections


"Connie combines the investigative skills of an anthropologist with an awareness of how the research will be used to unearth meaningful insights that allow effective marketing decisions to be made with confidence. Connie's thoroughness and thoughtfulness suggest a personal, emotional commitment to getting to the bottom of each topic.” 

-Mike Fox, 4.26.2010, Founder, The Mullingar Group


“Though I have not worked with Connie directly, it has been a pleasure to refer my clients over to her. From what has been communicated she is both personable and more importantly has a knack for getting to the bottom of what motivates people. I continue to ask her to work with my contacts since they have only provided positive feedback from working with her. Anyone lucky enough to get on her calendar is truly blessed.”

-Nike Roach, 3.24.2010, Owner, Sixth Sense Health & Wellness


“Certainly among the most intelligent women I have the pleasure to know. Connie Chesner provides concise, detailed and thorough market research that helps both small business and large corporations alike. Her companies recent roles with local universities offer tremendous support and insight into current trends that effect enrollment and other key issues faced in the current economy.”

-Sarah Olsen, 3.17.2010, Owner/Broker in Charge, Leap Realty


“I recently had the privilege of hearing Connie speak at a local luncheon. I was impressed with Connie's in-depth knowledge of market research, and her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious! She provided us with a simple, yet useful 4-week guide that I am using to help me fine-tune my marketing strategy. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your time and expertise!”

-Jenny Cline, 3.14.2010, Founder, Longview Organizing Services


 “Connie is a highly knowledgeable professional. She demonstates an unstoppable drive to successfully solve the unsolvable.”

-Renae Reed, 3.3.2010, Owner, Going Places Personal & Professional Development


“UNCG recently hired Connie to assist us with a research audit that was underway for the university's Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication initiative. For the research component, Connie reviewed 90+ surveys from across campus and then provided analysis on 61 of the studies. She identified preliminary themes, which ultimately led to identifying the top key drivers regarding perceptions and beliefs of the university across a variety of target audiences. 

Throughout the analysis process, Connie kept us informed and up to date on her progress. Her analysis was insightful, thorough and clear. She was able to dive into and dissect data that would have taken us months to go through and analyze on our own. Her efficiency and promptness kept us on schedule and the analysis will be a vital tool for serving the integrated marketing and strategic communication initiative. 

We would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and highly recommend her data analysis services.” 

-Debbie Shallock, 2.26.2010, Director of Marketing, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


“Connie is one of the most amazing and interesting women I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know. She has a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful speaker. She was a speaker for the Local Professionals Networking luncheon and she was wonderful! I would recommend Connie to anyone who has a desire to have someone very knowledgable in her field to help with the growth and research of their business and,or for speaking engagements.”

-Doris Peay, 2.24.2010, Founder, All About You Services


“Connie is one of the most passionate individuals I have ever met in the Loyalty / CRM / client engagement arena. She bring a unique mix of educational and real world experience that make her invaluable to any organization or company looking to launch or refresh these type initiatives. She has spoken at both of our Loyalty Expo's, as well as provided very insightful pieces for the Loyalty Marketer's Association (Loyalty360.org) and our publications "This Week in Loyalty" and "Loyalty Management."” 

-Mark Johnson, 10.8.2009, President & CEO, Loyalty Expo


“Connie is a gifted, brilliant researcher who artfully blends her knowledge of research and communications with sound business principles. The insights she unveils on behalf of clients have enhanced their revenues, revealed new possibilities and contributed greatly to the success of their products and services.” 

-Sandra Judd, 2.11.2008, Vice President Health Care & BioScience, OTM Partners


“Connie is the master of the unique insight. Understanding how customers make decisions about products and services is her forte'. But it is her uncanny ability to translate consumer insights into effective marketing strategies that makes her so impressive. Not only is she the brightest person in the room, she is also a delight to work with.”

-David Tambling, 8.21.2008, President, brandMIND